Are Our Kids Targeted by Spammers?

Are Our Kids Targeted by Spammers?

There is a big push right now by the spammers to target kids with attractive email messages, containing well known cartoon characters, colorful lettering, etc Why kids? Because they are an easy target, like "taking candy from a baby". Our children are very adept in finding their way on the computer and sooner than later they will click on the wrong email message.



Risking the Loss of Our Personal Information

And, just like that with a one click, we can not only loose our precious pictures, family videos and our personal information, there is even bigger price to pay. Many people suffer for years to come, from thieves using their personal identities. Your credit is at stake, monetary loss is at stake, and to fix and correct all of this can be a mind boggling task, requiring hiring professionals and a lot of wasted time and energy.

What Are the Objectives of Spammers Sending Email Viruses?

The are many objectives spammers may have to attach email viruses, and they would include:
  • Forcing others to react in a certain way
  • Peddling a product
  • Building a list of customers
The more serious objectives would be clearly to harm you:
  • To spread a computer virus (to damage or to steal your data)
  • To inflict fear and pain
  • To hold power over large segments of people, events and things

The Hackers and Spammers Different From Terrorists

If anybody's argument going to be that the "BIG" difference is, the terrorists are not in it for the money? If that is your reasoning, then the logical next question would be, what gives you the most power in this world? The answer is Money!
Can you buy nuclear technology without money? or Can you purchase arms, explosives, knowledge and the list goes on..., without money? Of course, not.

The ends will always justify the means to these people, whether it is a cyber terror or an explosion in the subway.
I would like to know, your opinion on this subject, whether the cyber spammers, responsible for malicious emails, and hackers should be classified as terrorists? Should we have our Justice Systems changed, regarding the classification of cyber terrorists in the eyes of the "Law", across the world to address this rapidly growing problem? We would perhaps breath a little easier?

Is There A Solution For Us Right Now?

The answer is yes. After looking at various software and tools trying to address this problem, the best option is to keep your emails away from your computer, without being tied down to any specific service. You should be able to use your current email system, whatever it is and be able to get rid off and suspicious looking emails before they even get to your computer.

Some email messages you don't even have to click on for the virus to execute automatically. When you think about it, the danger is more REAL than most people realize and it would be crazy not to have a strong email security tool to protect your computer or a network, but many of us don't even think about it. You are welcome to see what are the best solutions available right now at my site.

Should we label internet spammers and hackers as terrorists, remains the question to answer, as the Criminal Justice system across the world would have to be changed, and maybe we would breath a little easier.
Andrew Thomas is a dedicated fighter against any digital pests, spam distribution and email viruses. The mission is to halt dishonest promotion efforts and spammers and to get rid of any digital garbage from our digital space. His personal story and recommendations are at

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