With Easter only a few days away, are you still looking for last minute basket suffers? 

Just in time for the Easter Bunny, comes the Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg dressed and ready to hop right into kids’ Easter baskets! Each limited edition HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg is packaged in a Easter egg and comes fully decked out with a pair of mini removable bunny ears.

What is a HEXBUG Nano?  The Robotic Creature that behaves like a real bug!

Putting the 'micro' in Micro Robotic Creatures

How small can you go? Using common locomotion principles Innovation First set out to make a really small HEXBUG that gave the appearance of being smart. How will it react when it encounters an obstacle? What happens if it gets turned over? The first prototypes of the Nano were inspired by the old vibrating football games. More recent examples of vibrating motion are the BEAM Vibrobots, and then the Bristlebots. Thirty some iterations, a few years, and dozens of designs later the Nano was born. To give just a taste of how much development went into this product, they engineered and rapid prototyped over 150 variations of legs alone.

How it works. The motor inside the Nano rotates a counterweight that causes forces up and down. The down force causes the legs to bend and the Nano moves forward. The up force causes the creature to hop lifting the front legs off the ground and allowing the legs to unbend. This up and down movement repeats several hundred times per second causing the Nano to move forward. The Nano creature's ability to flip over by itself is due to the rotating forces caused by the motor and the unique internal and external chassis design (and a little magic).

Every Nano includes an exclusive access code that allows you to track your Nano collection, play games, and learn about real science!

Where to buy :  Toys R Us, Target, Radio Shack and http://www.hexbug.com/

****I will be hosting a HEXBUG Nano Easter Egg Party, courtesy of MommyParties,  in a couple of weeks. Please check back for our party post with photos and videos !!!! ****


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