Nustrisystem: Week 1 #NSNation

I have officially completed my first week of Nutrisystem! So far, I am very happy with the system. I was scared that the food would not taste good or that they would not be filling and I would be starving all the time, but to my surprise I was wrong. Nutrisystem is pretty simple to follow and for a mom of three kids, simple is important for me. One thing I like about the program is how each meal is color coded, blue is breakfast, lunch is green, dinner is red and snack is pink. Another great tool I use is the Nutisystem app for my iPhone, I can log my food as I am preparing it.

I will admit the 1st day was a little hard for me. Over the last few years on a normal day I would drink a 2 liter or more of regular soda. (YES, A DAY). So day 1 with no soda (caffeine) I had a killer headache, so I had to find a way to put a little caffeine in my diet and now I am having 3 servings a day of Coke Zero along with my water ...... NO more headaches.

Since it has only been a week, I have not had a chance to try all the meals. Here are a few of my favorite foods from week 1.

Breakfast:  Homestyle Pancakes

                               Lunch: Chicken Quesadilla

Dinner: Ravioli Formaggio

Snack/Dessert : Ice Cream Sandwich 

Here is the part all of you have been waiting for !!!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...........................

Start weight: I'm sure you want to know, but I'm to embarrassed to tell !
Week 1 weight loss: -7 pounds

I am soooooo excited ! One thing I suggest if you are trying to lose weight is to buy a good digital scale that includes readings to tenths of a pound. These scales give a much more precise reading. If a whole pound is not lost than you can still see progress even if it is .3lbs.which I know will help keep me motivated.

I am ready to see what week 2 will bring, don't forget to visit for my next weigh in :)


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  1. Anonymous said...

    Yay Susan!!! Rockstar!! And only 3 lbs away from your first Nutribear ...whoo hoo!! Can't wait for week # 2. We're so happy to hear how much you are enjoying the Nutrisystem program :) Meredith

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