Wallets2Wear - Wrist Wallet

  When I go out the house sometimes I do not need to carry much, but I hate to put things in my pocket because I am all scared things will fall out and I would not know until it was to late. 

Recently I learned about Wallets2Wear, they are designed around a pouch that can carry your lipstick or credit cards, cash and key…or… anything you can think of that size! 

Now when I go to the store I slip in my debit card and drivers licenses and I am ready to go. I am going on vacation next week (kid free) and I already have my Wallets2Wear packed. It will come in handy while site seeing, going to dinner and a night on the town and the best part is that I will not have to carry a purse everywhere I go.

The Wallets2Wear I selected to review was the Toasted Coconut, I love the color and think it goes with everything! I have received many complements about "what a pretty bracelet" ... they were shocked to learn that it was my wallet and commented on what a great idea and wanted to know where I got it !

Wallets2Wear offers Beaded Wrist Wallets like the one I received and also Fabric Wrist Wallets ( with and with out a watch) and Sports Wrist Wallets. They are available in a large variety of colors, I am sure you can find one to fit your style!

Check out this video from Wallets 2 Wear !

Julia Machotka is founder and head designer of wallets2wear: beautiful accessories with a secure hidden pouch. The successful innovator and entrepreneur's background in art and design has blossomed into a line of bracelets, watches and sports wristbands that are also functional accessories.

Julia Machotka became an entrepreneur by founding a web services agency that is still going strong after 14 years. Her interest in dance led her to develop accessories that she could wear and be stylish and not worry about her essentials. Her dream was realized with wallets2wear, the beautiful accessories with a secure hidden pouch. No more purse, no more worries. And still a lot of style.

If you are still looking for that perfect Valentines Gift
Ccheck out Wallets2Wear Special !


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  1. erin said...

    I love these! So clever!

  2. Angie said...

    oh wow, when I saw the picture I though, "how could that be a wallet" but now I understand. This would be great for a night out to a club or a bar where you might now want to take your purse.

  3. Angie said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Jennifer H said...

    What a neat idea!!

  5. MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

    That really is such a great idea. I wish I would have had one when we went on our honeymoon.

    Just stopping by to let you know that I got a new
    email address so I am now subscribed via havingfunblogging@gmail.com
    and I unsubscribed with mrsphilipswithonel@gmail.com
    I didn't want you to think I stopped reading :)

    Having Fun Blogging

  6. Cindy said...

    What an awesome idea! I'll have to look into these.

  7. A Frugal Life said...

    This is a great idea! I have a huge purse and I always end up stuffing my atm card in my pocket, which is soooo not a good idea.

  8. Cheap Brochure Printing said...

    This is so chic and useful. You need not bring a bag with you. I like it very much - the style and its color. I want to have one too!

  9. colored contact lenses said...

    I wear wrist wallet too. This is very stylish. I am also searching for a waterproof wrist wallet.

  10. Refinance Rockingham said...

    Neat! It's very innovative and trendy.

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