Project 52 - Week 5

Project 52 is an attempt to capture life in a couple shots once a week. Here is my week 5, this week we enjoyed a campfire & marshmallows plus I have been getting ready for my trip to Steamboat,Colorado!

Bryce and Jacob enjoying the fire.

Bryce LOVES marshmallows !
Starting to pack for my vacation, leaving 2/11/11( I might need another suitcase LOL)
I did not take this photo but my brother did , this is where he works at...the top of the Ski Lift... This is where I an going on vacation YAY! What a view to see everyday !

If you decide to join in on the fun and do your own Project 52 leave your link below !!


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  1. erin said...

    MMM.... are they just marshmallows or did you do smores?

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