New Blogger, More Blue!

Hello Life In A House Of Blue Readers! My name is Joanna Price, and I am the newest contributor to this great blog! I too, live in a house full of blue- with my husband Harold, and our sons Harrison {2} and Ruben {1} My little buddies are only 11 months apart, and keep me busy, but happy. We currently live in Texas, but are in our last days with the Army, and options are wide open as to where we'll be in a few months. Stay tuned for lots of fun reviews, giveaways, and a peek into my "Life In A House Of Blue"

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  1. Susan G. said...

    Welcome Joanna.... So glad to have you join us !! Look forward to working with you !!!

  2. Samantha said...

    Welcome!! Looking forward to getting to know your family

  3. I'm just the MOM said...

    YAY for boys! Hey Joanna :)

  4. Melinda said...

    welcome!! your boys are adorable

  5. Erin - said...

    Your boys are absolutely adorable! You totally belong in Life in a House of Blue .... wait, so do I! LOL! All boys here (other than me) too!

  6. Eve said...

    Hi! Joanna! your kids are cute. Thanks to your husband for serving in ther army!

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