Our New Wooden Swing Set + Discount Code

When my 14 yr old was about 2 we purchased him a wooden swing set. We were amazed that it lasted and was also used by my now 11 yr old for many years. About 5 years ago we gave it away still in great condition to someone else that could get many more years of fun out of it, since we thought we where done having kids. Well 3 yrs ago our 3rd son arrived and this spring we decided it was time to get him a swing set. We knew we would invest again in a wooden swing set. After looking on the Backyard Discovery site at a few, we decided on the Highlander Playset.

The Highlander Playset is not available online, but we were able to find it at our local Sam's Club. When we picked it up from the store it was in 5-6 boxes plus the slide. My husband set aside a whole weekend to put it together and it did take him from morning to evening on Saturday and Sunday to put together (by himself). But once it was done it was well worth the work!!!

Here are some photos of the Highlander Playset in our yard.

So far after having it for over a month now, I have NO complaints. My little one likes to have his evening snack at the built in picnic table. He can play for HOURS on this playset everyday. I love to see him use his imagination with the steering wheel and telescope.

Features of the Highlander:
  • Huge four-level fort with wood roof and covered porch
  • Picnic table and sand box on bottom level
  • 10' wave slide
  • Standard ladder
  • Solid rock wall
  • Two belt swings
  • Two person glider
Backyard Discovery offers wooden swing sets for every budget and backyard. While on their site I also noticed they also offer Play Houses , Dog Houses , Gardens , Accessories and Patio items. While looking around at the accessories I think I will be ordering the trapeze swing to add to our playset!

If you are in the market for a wooden swing set I would highly recommend Backyard Discovery. I personal have had a great experience and would recommend to them to my friends and family.

I am happy to announce that Backyard Discovery is offering our readers 10% off any product!

To shop visit their site: http://www.swingsetsonline.com/

byd blog

Backyard Discovery’s ‘PLAY SAFELY’ Tips

Backyard Discovery’s 'PLAY SAFELY' outlines 10 points parents should keep in mind when looking to buy an outdoor playset, including:


Parents should determine where they will place a playset in their yard before making a purchase. There should be at least a six-foot perimeter - a "Safe-T Zone" - surrounding a child's playset to prevent children from swinging, jumping or falling into or onto something dangerous. Loose fill materials like mulch, wood chips or reground plastic should be placed under the playset to minimize any falls. Children should always be supervised when playing on a playset which is why the structure should be placed where parents can constantly monitor children's activities.


Shoppers should look for a naturally decay and weather resistant lumber like cedar when purchasing a playset. Cedar is also a natural insect repellant and blends well with any backyard. Look for playsets that have a water-based stain that is both environmentally safe and kid-friendly. Other materials on the market, like lumber that has been chemically treated, are not as family- or eco-friendly.


Playsets come packaged differently and it's important to consider assembly options before choosing a playset. Parents have to ask themselves a few questions - should the playset be hand-built? Will the lumber be hand-picked and the playset built with a kit? Or will the playset come 'Ready to Assemble'? The best and easiest-to-assemble units are labeled 'Ready to Assemble' which means they are pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-drilled with all of the hardware and accessories pre-packed.

Your Wallet

Most playsets are built to last no matter their price tag. However, parents should determine what they're willing to spend before they head to their local playset dealer. On the market are large, full-featured playsets that retail for $2,000 and up, as well as very good quality cedar playsets that retail for as little as $399. A playset is something a family will cherish for years so before making a final decision, make sure the investment will pay off and the set will grow with your family.

Safety Railings

Creating a safe, fun play environment means safety features must be put in place during assembly. Check that all elevated surfaces, such as platforms, have guardrails and that sit down bars are in place above the slides. Most quality sets will have an arched entrance area to protect little noggins but be sure to look for this feature before purchasing.


After installing a playset, make sure the entire structure is firmly anchored to avoid tipping. Many first-time playset buyers think that very large playsets anchor themselves. The truth is, if a playset is not properly anchored, multiple swinging children can create a dangerous situation that could have easily been avoided.


Customizing a playset for your family is the fun part. Parents should ask themselves questions like: Do we need an infant swing? Do we need a hammock? Or do we need a two person glider so we can push two children at once? Accessories like a buoy ball, rock wall, gang plank, hammock or ship's wheel create a fun play experience for all children. The beauty of most quality playsets is that accessories can be added following the initial playset purchase. See some of the features available for Backyard Discovery playsets by visiting www.swingsetsonline.com

Everyone Plays

Playsets should provide children with a play area that is developmentally appropriate so consider the ages of the children who will be playing on the set. The size of the playset should depend on how many children will play on the set, as well. So consider how many swings and how many play features will be required to create a fun and safe play environment for all.

Lifetime Warranty

It is important to know exactly what type of warranty is being offered and what the playset company will cover. Is it a five year warranty or lifetime warranty? Will the warranty last if the playset is properly maintained? Playsets should last for the long haul, so a warranty with long-term protection is essential.

Yearly Maintenance

Preventative playset maintenance is a must for keeping kids safe and making sure a warranty lasts. Every season, parents should tighten any loose supports, anchors, bolts and screws and missing nuts, bolts and protective caps should be replaced. Following manufacturer's directions, playsets should be periodically sealed, stained and painted to prevent deterioration. Taking these small steps toward a safer play area can make a big difference when it comes to long-term safety.

Backyard Discovery distributes playsets under the following names: Create-N-Adventure™, Adventure Playsets™, Leisure Time Products™ and Backyard Adventure™. Backyard Discovery playsets are available at retailers around the United States including Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Sam's, Toy"R"Us, Menards, and BJs. The Company also sells its products directly to consumers on its website: www.swingsetsonline.com


*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue. Other people may have different experiences with this product. I purchased this product for this review. I was provided additional info and discount code by the Backyard Discovery's PR company.*

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  1. Melinda said...

    I wish we had the space for our own backyard playgound, all Shae ever wants to do is swing.

  2. erin @themombuzz said...

    Lucky Bryce! I wish you lived closer so we could come over and play.

  3. Tamara B. said...

    WOW what a get set and this will provide so many wonderful hours of fun for your son :)

  4. Daniel said...

    I also just recently bought a new Wood Swing Set for my kids and I'm very happy I made the decision to purchase it. My friend told me that www.woodswingsetkits.com had great deals on their products so I decided to check it out. I ended up saving nearly 40% on a high quality, well known brand Wood Swing Set for my children (and their friends). Not only do my kids and their friends love it, but it saves so much time not having to drive them a few miles to the nearest park. It also gets them out of the house for a while so they aren't playing video games or watching tv all day, they're being active and it's fun for them. I really like how I saved so much money on an expensive, high quality product and that I know it is going to last. I'm really pleased with the opportunity it gives my kids to have fun just outside of my house, so I don't have to worry about where they are.

  5. Jennifer H said...

    Awesome playset!! I bet the kids are loving it!

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