Summer Photo Tips for Kids

A digital camera encourages kids to create the ultimate “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” memories. Whether your summer plans take you far away or keep you close to home, here are tips from the GE brand of digital cameras to help children embrace their inner shutterbug.

  • Show kids how to enable the camera’s Auto Scene Detection feature. This will help them avoid overexposed or blurry images and easily capture clear shots during a bright, sunny day or even a fireworks display.
  • Tell them to look for vibrant colors, which make for beautiful photographs and striking scrapbooks to share at school. Think of a carousel horse against a sea of lights or a bright flower in front of a white picket fence.
  • When photographing a group of friends or the family, encourage kids to take one nice photo and another that’s crazy and goofy. If someone closes his eyes during the serious shot, Blink Detection alerts budding photogs to take another picture before everyone runs off.
  • Encourage kids to watch for things growing out of a subject’s head, like a beach umbrella or tiki torch. While these distracting backgrounds are funny, they also take away from a great shot.
  • Panoramic pictures capture the vastness of a seaside sunset or large group of people. Features like Pan-Capture Panorama make it easy for the kids to create these elongated shots by stitching the image for them; all they have to do is pan the camera across the scene.
  • Waterproof cameras are ideal for a day at the pool, beach or lake. Select one with an internal zoom lens to keep it clean from sand, seaweed and water drops. Waterproof cameras are also great for snapping fun pics in the rain!

To help kids create memories with their very own camera this summer, Sears, Kmart and offer a wide range of affordable choices for aspiring photographers.
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  1. erin said...

    Thanks for the photo tips!

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