Common sleep disturbances couples' experience: Tossing and Turning!

Bobby Lewis sang it best in his hit song Tossing And Turning – “Well I was tossing and turnin', Turnin' and tossing, Tossing and turnin' all night. I kicked the blankets on the floor, Turned my pillow upside down…I couldn’t sleep at all last night” Does this sound familiar? Even though your partner tosses and turns it is still important to sleep together. Many psychologists warn that sleeping apart might not be a good solution—sleeping comfortably with your partner is an essential component of a healthy relationship. Below is a way to overcome tossing and turning for a better night's rest for you and your partner.

Tossing and Turning

Is your partner a restless sleeper? If so, he or she could be keeping you up at night. According to Sleep Expert and Select Comfort’s Vice President of Sleep Innovation and Clinical Research, Pete Bils, an overly active sleeper certainly can cause angst for couples. While there are some sleep disorders that feature periodic movements (and are treatable), most of the time tossing and turning is the result of discomfort. Re-evaluation of the mattress or the addition of a mattress pad might help. Head, neck or shoulder discomfort may indicate the wrong pillow. Consider getting a larger bed; a good rule of thumb when mattress shopping is to buy the biggest bed your room can accommodate. A larger mattress provides more room and can greatly reduce disturbances between couples, as can a mattress that better isolates motion between sleepers.

What does your partner do that keeps you from getting a restful sleep? Please share it with Sleep Number as a comment on , on our Facebook page Sleep Number, or on Twitter @SleepGeekPete.


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