Halls Refresh

I am a person that always has to have a drink by me, either at home or on the go. I always feel like my mouth is dry.

I had the opportunity to try the new Halls Refresh. This product is not for colds/sore throats and not a cough drop, it is more of a hard candy that is a way to moisten your mouth.
The flavors that I tried were the Tropical Wave and the Juicy Strawberry, but they also have it available in Refreshing Mint. My favorite out of the ones that we tried is the Strawberry. They were great and really do add moisture back into the mouth!

Halls Refresh is sugar free, so it’s okay for diabetics and people who monitor their sugar intake. It is available in 9-piece sticks or a 20 count resealable bag. Each piece has 6 calories, 3 grams of carbs and 0 sugars.

I have been very impressed with these and always keep them in my purse. The only thing that I wasn't fond of with these is that I could still taste the cough drop flavor in them. Since it is not a cough drop it would be even better without that flavor.

Halls Refresh is available in 9 piece sticks and 20 count bags. Check out the website for more information.


* HALLS Refresh™ is a brand new Mouth Moistening product with Advanced Moisture Action™
* Not a cough drop; actually moistens your mouth!
* Look for HALLS Refresh™ where you find HALLS®
* Available in 9-piece sticks and 20-count re-sealable bag
* Only 6 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates per drop
Sugar free product. For more information, visit gethalls.com or call the number on the product (1-800-524-2854). Please consult your doctor for individual needs

Check out HALLS on Facebook HERE

“HALLS® products may be used by adults and children 5 years and over. For children under 5 years, ask a doctor.”

I am providing full disclosure that I received samples in Strawberry and Tropical Wave from Halls. I was contacted by Halls to see if I was interested in trying samples and offering my opinion.
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2 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. erin said...

    I like the strawberry.

  2. angie said...

    These look tasty. I love that they are sugar-free.

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