Panasonic 360 Iron

Recently I received the new Panasonic 360° Quick Steam/Dry Iron to review. With a family of 5, I am always on the lookout on how to make my chores easier but most importantly FASTER!

I will be putting the Panasonic 360° Quick Steam/Dry Iron to the test over the next few days while I am tackling my mounds of laundry. Keep your eyes peeled to Life In A House of Blue for a full review of the 360 iron !!! Until then I wanted to shared with my readers some facts about the iron & some ironing facts from a online survey from August 2009.

About the Panasonic 360° Quick Steam/Dry Iron
  • The Panasonic 360° enables up to 25% faster ironing.
  • Conventional irons with a triangular soleplate can actually create wrinkles when moving backward or sideways.The 360° Quick soleplate has an elliptical shape, pointed on both ends – almost a football shape. It is also slightly curved on the bottom.
  • Because of this unique shape, it glides smoothly and removes wrinkles while you move your arm naturally in all directions and that is why it is faster than other irons.
  • The edge of the oversized soleplate can always be seen from above, making it easier to iron collars, cuffs, and around buttons.
  • Unlike conventional irons, the 360° Quick has steam holes around the entire soleplate, allowing more steam over a wider area, to get out wrinkles faster. Use the jet of steam button for extra power when ironing, or use it vertically as a steamer.
  • Other features: precise temperature control for all fabricsanti-drip to protect delicate fabricsanti-calcium to prevent buildup that can clog steam holesthree-way auto-shutoff for safety (Panasonic invented this feature and now it is standard) if no motion is detected for one minute if iron is on its side or on the hot soleplate and for ten minutes if on its legs.
Price: $49.99

Great Video from Panasonic !
(click play button on bottom left, top arrow does not work)

Ironing facts from a online survey from August 2009.

In August 2009, Panasonic conducted an online survey of 1,034 consumers nationwide to determine attitudes toward ironing and appeal of the 360° Quick features. Survey participants owned irons and had ironed in the last 12 months. The following is a summary of key findings:

Half of the US population irons. Of those who iron, one-third are men.

Ironing isn’t most people’s idea of fun … but it’s preferable to kissing a frog.

Most people who iron consider it a “necessary evil” (41%) or “don’t mind ironing” (41%). Nine percent hate it, and nine percent enjoy it.

Women who iron are more likely than men to consider ironing a necessary evil (46% vs 39%). Men who iron are more likely than women not to mind ironing (43% vs 38%).

Only three percent of consumers would rather have a tooth pulled than iron. Four percent would rather kiss a frog. 10% would rather wash windows. 29% would rather organize their junk drawer. Most people – 59% - would rather iron than do any of the above.

Why do people iron? To look good and save money.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of participants say they iron to look good and feel confident.

Approximately two-thirds (65%) of consumers iron their clothes to save money.

Just over half (51%) iron because that is how they were raised.

Consumers overwhelmingly want to iron quicker.

Nearly all participants – 92% -- might or definitely would replace their current iron if a new model would enable them to complete their ironing in up to 25% less time. (45% definitely would replace; 47% maybe would replace)

91% might or definitely would replace their current iron if a new model consumed less energy due to shortened ironing time. (35% definitely would; 54% maybe would replace)

89% might or definitely would replace their current iron if a new model enabled them to iron in 360°. (31% definitely would; 51% maybe would replace)

Panasonic 360° Quick Steam/Dry Irons offer features consumers want:

Features consumers rated as valuable or very valuable to them in an iron include:

  • Temperature control to set precise heat for all fabrics (82%)
  • Automatic shut-off to eliminate worry (77%)
  • More steam vents on the soleplate to tackle tough wrinkles (76%)

*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue. Other people may have different experiences with this product. Thank you to Panasonic for providing a product for this review.*

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4 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. Sky said...

    Nice! My current iron is a piece of junk. I'm in the market for a new one. I like that it doesn't create wrinkles...and provides faster ironing times!

  2. Susan G. said...

    Thanks Sky for the comment! I am looking forward to my next post on this great iron... in a busy house like mine it is nice to get my ironing done faster :) Until then check out the Panasonic site for more info

  3. Erin Tales said...

    My husband loves this Iron.

  4. Kevin said...

    I do use this Iron at home and think it's better than our old one.

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