Trick Or Treat Me-Give Something Healthy to the Lil' Monsters this Halloween!

I believe that good nutrition should start early and at home. Once my boys started eating table food, good nutrition is something that has been important in our home. I believe if you teach your kids the importance of good nutrition starting at a young age will help them form lifelong healthy eating habits.

With Halloween around the corner all I can think about is my boys getting to much CANDY ! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching them have a great time but I know in the days after Halloween I will be monitoring how much candy they eat.

I was introduced to an online campaign that talks about good nutrition for children even during Halloween. Trick or Treat Me informs parents about good nutrition. Parents will also learn that their children can continue good nutrition while having fun on Halloween.

A tasty and healthy treat during Halloween is milk in shelf stable carton. Kids will appreciate a tasty drink while on the go. As a parent myself, I would be more than excited for my kids to receive this treat in place of candy. It never hurts to have more calcium in their diet.

Hershey’s and Organic Valley “milk box” new campaign encourages you to spread the word about milk in single serve, shelf stable cartons through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can upload headshots of yourself and your friends, only to have them appear atop the dancing bodies of monsters, ready to trick or treat at your friends’ doors. These applications are easy to use and are FUN! It’s easy to get swept up in the Halloween spirit.

Remember that when you Twick Or Tweet Me on Twitter, you are also making a 10¢ donation to World Wildlife Fund . What are you waiting for? Trick or Treat someone today! But BEWARE it can become addicting!


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  1. Sky said...

    We love the organic valley milk! It's pretty tasty. Since we don't get many trick or treaters I may pass this out!

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