Wordless Wednesday - Odd Creature !

Not sure if you have these where you live, in South Louisiana this time of year they are everywhere.s Here we call them "Devil Horses" (not sure why) but they are Black Grasshoppers ( real name: Romalea microptera) and they are HUGE ! I find it odd that they are a type of grasshopper and I have never seen one "HOP".

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18 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. Anonymous said...

    Eww! I hate bugs! We have grasshoppers here in Ohio but nothing that ugly and big...lol

  2. Seeryus Mama said...

    Ewwww!! We seem to have a lot of grasshoppers this year too, but they are bright green. Either way, yuck!

  3. Melanie said...

    I've never seen black grasshoppers..interesting

  4. Sarah said...

    blugh!! happy WW!

  5. erin said...

    LOL! Freaky!

  6. The Jacobsen Family! said...

    Wow, that's... Yeah. Glad we don't have those here! The crickets here have me crazy with annoyance already...

  7. Staci said...

    They are huge! The ones we have up north wouldn't even compare!

  8. Tena said...

    and I would just call him Eeeky nasty bug!

  9. Night Owl Mama said...

    Iiickkkk I dont' like bugs and that is one ugly bug

  10. jamaise said...

    I actually like bugs - I mean not in my house, but I see ther beauty & purpose. I always scoop them up and put them out when they do get inside. That guy up there does look like some kind of devil horse - not too cute :))

  11. CC said...

    Yuck!!!! How big is that thing???

  12. Courtney said...

    EEK! Talk about creepy crawly! I'd be happy I never saw it hop! ;)

  13. Kidazy said...

    I have NEVER seen a black grasshopper before but we have black dragon flies with white stripes on their wings that are equally as creepy!

  14. Gina said...

    Ewwww so gross, I can't stand bugs!

  15. Jessilyn82 said...

    I love the nickname "devil horses" for them, they kind of do look like creepy little goblins on horses LOL. We have a ton in the field next to our house and it's nice during the warmer months to keep the windows open at night and hear them chirping. I've seen them in all different colors from black, green, clear, yellow, red, white, and a few funky looking purple ones.

  16. ktales said...

    That is one crazy bug!

  17. Marquel said...

    I'd much rather view this HUGE guy in picture form! I'm not grossed out by it, but I certainly wouldn't want it crawling on me.

  18. Anonymous said...

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