Safe Eyes - For Home and On The Go !

As a mom of a teen and tween I always worry about their online safety and what they will come across the internet. At their age it seems like being on the computer is all they want to do in their spare time.

I was recently introduced to Safe Eyes for the home and also Safe Eyes Mobile for my iPhone. Ever since I bought my iPhone it seems like the boys think it is their mobile computer to pass time on the go.

Safe Eyes for the home is easy to use software for your home computer that offers a variety of Parental controls.
What are "Parental Controls"?
"Parental Controls" is a term that has been widely used to describe tools that allow parents to choose appropriate content for their children. Parental control software has been developed for everything from TV to the Internet. Safe Eyes falls in the later category of Internet parental control software. Safe eyes is a flexible set of tools that allows anyone to determine the type Internet usage that is appropriate.

Features :

Internet Filter
The Safe Eyes internet filter puts you in control and lets you customize the content you want to block with the Internet filter. And if there is more than one user on your computer, you can individualize what each user can access. Trust Safe Eyes Internet filter to give you control over the content that comes into your home or office.

Filtering by Category
Safe Eyes has 35 website filtering categories that you can filter. These internet filter categories include everything from pornography to e-commerce. You decide what is appropriate (or inappropriate) for each user. Accessing the industry's most extensive database, Safe Eyes works with you to decide what to filter and what to allow.

Blocking Words on Search Engines
Search engines are reliable tools to get to where you want to go on the Internet. Yet they can also lead to sites that should be avoided. The Safe Eyes internet filter limits the ability to access certain sites by blocking key words and key phrases from being searched. Safe Eyes can be customized for individual users and can even block key words in foreign languages.

Control Your Internet Filter List
In addition to the 35 categories that can be filtered, Safe Eyes allows you to control access to specific websites. So, if there are only a handful of sites you want your children to access, you can specify where they can go. You can't be everywhere your kids are, but Safe Eyes allows you to know where they can go on the Internet.

Clip-by-Clip YouTube Filtering
Safe Eyes parental control software screens each YouTube video individually instead of blocking the entire site, allowing children to enjoy unobjectionable material while protecting them from inappropriate content. Many YouTube videos are shared virally through online channels other than the YouTube site itself, Safe Eyes' new intelligent YouTube filtering also evaluates videos embedded in emails, blogs, and sites like Facebook and MySpace. This feature - unique to Safe Eyes - prevents children from accidentally or deliberately viewing undesirable footage through the back door.

Review and Discuss IM Reports with Parental Control Software
The Safe Eyes parental control software instant message monitor records and saves IM conversations so that parents can review them at a later time. Just as importantly, parents can share the IM reports with their children and establish an open dialog about this fun and innovative technology. Reviewing the reports as a family provides ongoing opportunities for parents to teach their children about online safety. From avoiding online predators to using appropriate language to dealing with suggestive and sexual comments, Safe Eyes' parental control software with instant message monitor feature provides much-needed accountability to ensure safety and encourage responsibility.

Block the Use of IM Programs Altogether
If parents prefer, they can use the parental control software to block the use of all IM programs with just a few key strokes. With Safe Eyes parental control software monitoring IM content, parents and kids can be confident that IM-ing is FAS (Fun and Safe)!

The YouTube filtering is great for us. My boys always want to watch videos on YouTube but are only allowed to with me or my husband. But know I know they can enjoy videos that are appropriate for them. I think my boys would stay online 24/7 if we let them. Safe Eyes has great options for setting time limits.

Monitor Internet
  • Usage: Time Limits on Internet Access
  • Monitor Internet Usage: Limit Time Online
  • Monitor Internet Usage: Schedule Internet Usage
  • Monitor Internet Activity on Social Networks

Tracking Activity
The Safe Eyes Social Net working feature records activities on the most popular social networking sites for review at a later date. The reports can be used as conversation starters between parents and children about appropriate language and behavior on- and off- line.

Safety from Predators
Safe Eyes will keep a record of social networking activity to alert parents if personally identifying information - name, phone numbers, address, and school name - is posted on these sites. This is a critical safeguard in avoiding contact with child predators.

Keep it safe on-the-go with powerful Internet filtering for the iPhone or iPod touch! Safe Eyes Mobile allows you to decide the type of content that is appropriate for you and your family. Enjoy your mobile web without the worry!

Safe Eyes Mobile ($19.99)

What it is: A phone-based browser with content filters. A parent or responsible party sets up an account, creates user profiles and configures the settings for permissible content.

Safe Eyes Mobile works by checking requested websites against a massive blacklist of potentially objectionable Web addresses that is updated on a daily basis. It prevents iPhone/iTouch access to pages that are not considered family friendly. Parents can also configure the software to filter sites listed in categories as well as by URL.

It works mostly like the iPhone's regular browser, with a built-in Google search field. It includes pinch, tap zoom and some other options, such as ones for adding a bookmark and mailing the link. You can open as many as eight Web pages at a time. You can also set up different browsing profiles for different users.

*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue. Other people may have different experiences with this product. Thank you to Safe Eyes for providing a product for this review.*

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  1. Gina said...

    Sounds interesting and like a great app. My daughters phone actually does something similar where I can control it all from my computer or device.

  2. Seeryus Mama said...

    Very cool! My son is becoming more and more interested in the computer. I'm heading over to check it out!

  3. Night Owl Mama said...

    my children aren't allow on the net yet but when they do this is certainly one tool I'm going to look into thanks

  4. Cherry Blossoms said...

    This is very interesting. Something good to know!

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