Polka Tot Boutique

Have you visited Polka Tot Boutique online? I recently was introduced to them and love their products! Being a mom of 3 boys I always find it hard to find cute personalized boutique items for boys, I am glad I have a one stop shop now!

Polka Tot Boutique has everything for fun, unique gifts for kids! Polka Tot Boutique carries custom birthday shirts, initial shirts, aprons, hair bows, personalized bow holders, wall letters, wall plaques and that is just to name a few items! If you don’t find what you are looking for they can design it just for your little one! (how cool is that!)

About Polka Tot Boutique :
Polka Tot Boutique designs fun and unique items for babies, kids, teens, moms, teachers...everyone! I am a WAHM of a two children and I would love to create a special keepsake for your child! If you don't see an item that fits your child's personality please submit a custom order and we will create one.
Recently my son was sent a "cool" shirt as he calls it from Polka Tot Boutique. The first thing I noticed was the great quality of work and look of the shirt. We received a orange t-shirt with a flame guitar. It has been washed many times in the little time since we received it (my son is messy) and it has washed up fantastic. Here are some photos of him showing off his shirt !

With my little ones birthday in about 4 months, this cute birthday shirt with the number 3 caught my eye, I plan on getting one for him to wear at his party !

A Shirt From Polka Tot Boutique !!!
(winners choice of shirt)

62. rbailey1958 said...
I would choose 2 get the Butterflies & Flowers Girls Initial T-shirt in size 11/12

Winner has been emailed, please reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue. Other people may have different experiences with this product. Thank you to Polka Tot Boutique for providing a product for this review.*

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  1. Seeryus Mama said...

    The Hot Pink and Black Initial Shirt for little girls is just adorable! What a great shop...so many cute things!


  2. Seeryus Mama said...

    I'm a fan on Facebook!


  3. Seeryus Mama said...

    Email Subscriber!


  4. Seeryus Mama said...

    I follow your blog!


  5. Seeryus Mama said...

    You are rockin' my blogroll!


  6. Seeryus Mama said...

    I have you button!


  7. Seeryus Mama said...

    I follow on Twitter and Tweeted!~



  8. Marin said...

    I cannot get past the cute cute candy corn shirt! I think that's what I would pick. I also really like the welcome baby plaques.

  9. Marin said...

    Follow on Twitter/tweeted:

  10. Marin said...

    Got your button

  11. Marin said...

    Follow your blog

  12. Marin said...

    Email subscriber
    frugonomics101 (at) g mail

  13. Hailey said...

    I love the Red & Black Initial Shirt. Emma would look adorable in it!

  14. Hailey said...

    I follow you on twitter. Here is my tweet:

  15. Hailey said...

    I have the Life In A House Of Blue Button on my sidebar!

  16. Hailey said...

    I am a follower.

  17. Hailey said...

    I subscribe via e-mail!

  18. Brooke said...

    I love the Headband Hook! What a cute idea! We could use one!


  19. Brooke said...

    I Follow!


  20. Brooke said...

    I have your button!


  21. Brooke said...

    Your on my blog roll!


  22. Brooke said...

    I subscribe via email


  23. Brooke said...

    Fan on facebook!
    Brooke Declusin

  24. Brooke said...

    Follow on twitter and tweeted!



  25. mverno said...

    i like the blue dino onesie

  26. Staci said...

    I love the Red Mommy Apron too!

  27. Staci said...

    I have your button.

  28. Staci said...

    You're on my blog roll.

  29. Staci said...

    And I follow. Thanks!

  30. Sylvia said...

    I like the Pink Camo
    Initial Shirt

  31. Sylvia said...

    I subscribe

  32. Kim said...

    Love = Monogram Plaques

  33. Kim said...


  34. Kim said...


  35. theladya said...

    Hot Pink & Black Polkadots Shirt is cute. abailey_crace@yahoo.com

  36. theladya said...

    I subscribe via email. abailey_crace@yahoo.com

  37. Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

    I love the pale pink and brown set

  38. Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

    im a follower

  39. Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

    im a subscriber

  40. Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

    im a fan on FB

  41. Rachel said...

    I like the bathroom plaque, "Splish Splash let's take a bath". Cute!


  42. Jenna said...

    I love the Purple and Black Polka Dots Initial Shirt!

  43. Jenna said...

    Fan on Facebook!

  44. Jennifer said...

    I love the Paisley & Patchwork Wall letters!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  45. Jennifer said...

    I follow!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  46. Jennifer said...

    I subscribe!

    jls_wss2003 at yahoo dot com

  47. Marin said...


  48. susan said...

    Oh ~ the Hunting Theme Wall Letters are such a wonderful idea!

  49. susan said...

    I follow.

  50. susan said...

    I follow on twitter and tweeted. http://twitter.com/susanlanai/status/3634617985

  51. susan said...

    I subscribe via e-mail.

  52. susan said...

    I'm a Facebook Fan.

  53. mscoffee77 said...

    i also love the ocean & fish wall art. My little boy's room is decorated with a sealife theme:)


  54. mogrill said...

    I am a follower!! Thanks for the chance. mogrill@comcast.net

  55. amywarren said...

    i also love the boys 4th of july-memorial day shirt!

  56. amywarren said...

    i follow.

  57. amywarren said...

    i subscribe.

  58. Marin said...


  59. Marin said...


  60. ReggieMann said...

    I like the Hot Pink & Lime Polkadots Boutique Set

  61. ReggieMann said...

    I follow your blog

  62. rbailey1958 said...

    I would choose 2 get the Butterflies & Flowers Girls Initial T-shirt in size 11/12

  63. rbailey1958 said...


  64. rbailey1958 said...

    Email subscriber

  65. amweeks said...

    I love the Butterflies & Flowers Initial Shirt! My daughter would love that!

  66. amweeks said...

    I follow on twitter & tweeted! http://twitter.com/amweeks/status/3734669961

  67. amweeks said...

    I subscribe via email!

  68. amweeks said...

    I'm a facebook fan! (amweeks)

  69. Kaitlin said...

    I like the butterfly keepsake box. Very cute!! This website has great stuff!

  70. VanBurenMom said...

    I love the Mommy and Daughter Cherry Pie Apron set!

    Jaci Lapointe

    Have fun every day!

  71. VanBurenMom said...

    I already have ya on Twitter, my tweetlink for the contest is: http://twitter.com/VanBurenMom/statuses/3735182880

    Jaci Lapointe

    Have fun every day!

  72. VanBurenMom said...

    I have your button on my Blog site!

    Jaci Lapointe

    Have fun every day!

  73. VanBurenMom said...

    I have you on my blog roll

    Jaci Lapointe

    Have fun every day!

  74. VanBurenMom said...

    I follow your blog!

    Jaci Lapointe

    Have fun every day!

  75. VanBurenMom said...

    I blogged about the contest on my The Mom Daily Blog. The direct link to the post is:


    Jaci Lapointe

    Have fun every day!

  76. Kristy said...

    I like the Play room plaques!

  77. Kristy said...


  78. Kristy said...


  79. MomToAandI said...

    I have your button.

  80. brittney said...

    Hot Pink & Black Polkadots Boutique Set

  81. Nancye said...

    My favorite item is the Hot Pink & Black Birthday Shirt

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  82. Nancye said...

    I follow you on Twitter and I Tweeted


    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  83. Nancye said...


    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  84. Nancye said...

    I subscribe via email

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  85. Nancye said...

    Facebook Fan

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  86. Linda said...

    I like the Baby Blue Dino Gift Set.


  87. Crissy said...

    I love the custom children's wall letters

    brumley05 at msn dot com

  88. Crissy said...

    I follow on Twitter and Tweeted


    brumley05 at msn dot com

  89. Crissy said...

    I have your button on my page

    brumley05 at msn dot com

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    I follow your blog

    brumley05 at msn dot com

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    brumley05 at msn dot com

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    Facebook fan

    brumley05 at msn dot com

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    brumley05 at msn dot com

  97. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  98. Laura K said...

    My niece is turning 1 in a few months. I love the Pink and Brown Polka Dot birthday shirt! And I love that unlike a lot of birthday shirts, she could totally wear it again. What a great giveaway!


  99. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  100. Marin said...


  101. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  102. degood said...

    I think the candy corn shirt is so cute and fun for halloween

  103. degood said...

    I follow your blog

  104. Qwill said...

    I like the Candy Corn Halloween shirt

  105. Qwill said...

    I follow and tweeted: http://twitter.com/qwills2cats/status/3922539964

  106. Miss GoLightly said...

    LOVE the Bow, Ponytail & Headband Holder w/
    White with Pink & Brown Dots!!!

  107. AEKZ2 said...

    I like the hot pink and black initial shirt. Thanks!

  108. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  109. Moochie's Mom said...

    I like the printed ribbon bailey bow!

  110. Moochie's Mom said...

    I follow you on twitter as fefemarie09 and tweeted: http://twitter.com/fefemarie09/status/3946259371

  111. Moochie's Mom said...

    I have your button on my blog.

  112. Moochie's Mom said...

    I subscribe via email.

  113. Moochie's Mom said...

    I'm a fan on facebook as felicia marie.

  114. Sarah C said...

    I love the cherry pie apron!

  115. Sarah C said...

    blog follower

  116. Sarah C said...

    google reader subscriber

  117. Gianna said...

    I love the Boys Jet Planes
    Birthday Shirt (4) :)

  118. Marin said...


  119. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  120. Tylerpants said...

    I love the Football Theme Cap Holder!

  121. Tylerpants said...

    I'm a subscriber

  122. Tylerpants said...

    I'm a follower

  123. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  124. Candie L said...

    i like the baseball cap hook. THank you


  125. trixpixel said...

    The Splish Splash! Plaque is really cute! trixpixel(at)gmail.com

  126. trixpixel said...

    I'm a subscriber

  127. trixpixel said...

    I'm a follower

  128. Leslie said...

    I like the Bright Green & Pink Kalli Bow.

  129. dvice said...

    I like the Summer Theme Initial Shirt

  130. Anonymous said...

    I love the butterfly keepsake box. Too cute!
    Thank you!

  131. Patriot said...

    I like the wall letters for decorations. I also like the Easter polka dot shirt and all of the hairbows!! Thank you!

  132. Crissy said...



    brumley05 at msn dot com

  133. Alison said...

    I would love to win this for the couple who's baby I am carrying (surrogacy). I am sure they would LOVE the Green and Purple Dots Baby Plaque (added to my bookmarks!). :D

    Thank you! atraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

  134. purango said...

    The Hot Pink and Black Initial Shirt is my favorire. garrettsambo@aol.com

  135. Donna said...

    I like the girl wall letters.

  136. Donna said...


  137. Donna said...


  138. Donna said...

    Button on my blog.

  139. Donna said...

    Link on my blog roll.

  140. Sarah said...

    I think the Cherry Pie Apron is very cute!

  141. Sarah said...

    I have your button on my sidebar.

  142. Sarah said...

    I'm a follower.

  143. Sarah said...

    I subscribe via e-mail.

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    I'm a Facebook Fan.

  145. Kristy said...

    I love the Tropical Summer Birthday shirt, so cute!


  146. Sarah said...

    Added you to my blog roll.

  147. Kristy said...

    Follow and tweeted-


  148. Kristy said...

    Have your button up!


  149. Kristy said...


  150. Kristy said...

    Email subscriber

  151. Kristy said...

    Facebook fan- Kristy H


  152. naynays1 said...

    I love the Red Mommy Apron

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