*NEW* Pop Pals from Keen Distribution

Ice Pops are something I buy every trip to the grocery store. I can not remember the last time I did not have them in the freezer. I think sometimes my 3 boys could live off of them.
It seems my youngest son is always complaining that his hands are cold while eating them. When he does I wrap a paper towel around the Ice Pop which I find does not help much. Also when he eats them he has trouble pushing the Ice Pop up as he is eating it and when he does it just slides back down (which makes him VERY mad).

I was so excited when Keen Distribution announced their NEW Pop Pals !!! We received some Pop Pals to try and lets just say .....they are GREAT ! My little one can eat his Ice Pops now without his hands getting cold and he is able to push the Ice Pop up to eat it and the Ice Pop stays up without falling back down. They are very easy to use, just insert the Pop in the top(mouth) and them pull wrapper down at the bottom. My 10 yr old likes to use the Pop Pals also, when I asked him why he responded " I like that my hands do not get cold". As many Ice Pops my family eats and my boys always having friends over, I will be purchasing a few more packs of Pop Pals soon !

Pop Pals Key Features

  • Keeps hands warm
  • Keeps ice pop cold
  • Helps prevent sticky mess
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • FDA-approved food grade material
  • Non-toxic
  • Versatile

*For use with most major brands of ice pops.

*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue. Other people may have different experiences with this product. Thank you to Keen Distribution for providing a product for this review.*

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10 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. As They Grow Up said...

    What a cool looking product!

  2. erin said...

    Those are so cute! Perfect for FLA kids!

  3. Rebecca N. said...

    These are adorable! My son is such a jabberbox that it often takes him too long to eat frozen treats like ice cream or Ice Pops (which we are never lacking in our freezer either). These would be perfect for him! Great review!

  4. Jenni Saake (a.k.a. InfertilityMom) said...

    Cute idea. I'm headed to check their website to see if they contain latex or not. (We have allergies, so wouldn't be able to use them if they did.) Very clever!

  5. Night Owl Mama said...

    WOW how awesome are those. I can't tell yo uhow many times my kids drop the top and then the icey lands on the ground those are AWESOME

    Need to check that allergy info too.

  6. Seeryus Mama said...

    I must get a set of these! My 2 year old loves Freezies!

  7. Gina said...

    What a great idea, my girls often don't finish their freezies because of their hands getting cold, perfect idea!

  8. JoeyfromSC said...

    WOW, that's the neatest invention ever lol

    I'll have to get some of those for my godson-He loves popsicles/ice pops!

  9. Huggies Coupons said...

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  10. Anonymous said...

    I just ordered some my two boys eat ice pops daily! Can not wait to get them! I use two paper towels per child per ice pop to keep their little hands warm! These are cute and will save money too!!

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