Kodak - Combat Loneliness with the Power of Photography !

Kodak is all about strengthening the relationships that matter the most through the power of photography. During this information-age, family and friends can find themselves scattered all over the place. With constant connectivity on Facebook or Twitter, we often find ourselves assuming that we are keeping in touch well enough to keep loneliness at bay but in fact 67% of those say there is more loneliness in today’s society than there used to be.

Kodak believes that enhancing your relationships with family and friends through photography not only allows you to remember moments you want to cherish, but helps you connect further than a “poke” or a “tweet.”

There are many ways people can interact with photos everyday to strengthen their relationships with others. Judy Weiser, a world authority in PhotoTherapy techniques, has partnered with Kodak to help Americans combat loneliness and reach out to the people they miss. PhotoTherapy tips include:

1. Create A Picture-Perfect Environment: Decorate your space with photos of friends, family, loved ones and places you enjoy. Be sure to select photos that contain strong positive memories. Every photo has feelings and memories just underneath its surface; choosing the right one lets you to revisit those moments all over again.

2. Share Your World: The people you miss, miss you too. Let the important people in your life know how you’re doing by sharing not just the special moments but the ordinary moments too. Sharing the “small stuff” can have a BIG impact on your relationships.

3. Interview Your Photo: Unlock the magic of your photo. Find the happiest picture in your collection and imagine a conversation with it. What positive message would it want you to know? How would it like you to feel? What would it want you to remember?

4. Try a Photo Pick Me Up: Beat your blues! Find your most positive photo and carry it with you. Looking at a photo of happier times puts you right back there again, feeling that same way, right now!

5. Breaking the Ice: Turn your photos into conversation starters. Behind every picture is a great story that wants to be told; it's just waiting for you to ask! Sharing your photos is like sharing your life; when others hear your anecdotes, connections are made that can last a lifetime.

For more Phototherapy tips, as well as the comprehensive “Relationship State of the Nation” research findings, please visit www.kodak.com/go/smile or www.facebook.com/kodak .

*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue.*
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  1. jennny said...

    Interviewing your photo and having a conversation? Hm sounds interesting....

  2. Stefanie Hartman said...

    Great article. I try to send lots of pictures to my parents in Indiana - we live in New York. They are lonely for their 4 grandkids ongoing. The pictures seem to help. The power of pictures is amazing. Blessings. fhartman@frontiernet.net

  3. Swamp Suzie said...

    Phototherapy! I learn something new every day!

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