Customize your own Jones Soda

I recently had the chance to order a 12pk of Jones Soda s with a custom label. I had my favorite photo of my sons put on it and for the message on the back I put their names and the year. I have had their soda before so I knew it was good but it was even better with my boys photo on it ! They have tons of great flavors to pick from, I ordered the Root Beer since that is the most popular flavor in our house.The picture was great, but the root beer was delicious. It had that old fashioned flavor just like when I was a kid. This was definitely a special treat that the whole family enjoyed, and thinking about how easy it was, I know we will enjoy it again and again. The process on was simple from start to finish. They website walks you through every step and can be done very quickly.

Here is the step by step process:

An order is placed online at pick the flavor, image, and text to appear on your MyJones bottles.
The order is reviewed. At Jones headquarters, we review your order to check for errors and ensure the content falls within brand guidelines.
The order is acknowledged. Once your order has been acknowledge for processing, it is sent to our fulfillment house for printing.
The labels are printed. Your personalized soda labels are processed on quality material, using state of the art full color spectrum printers.
The labels are UV coated.UV coating gives your MyJones labels a durable and high gloss finish that compliments our premium product and greatly enhances image colors.
The bottles are hand wrapped. After the labels have been separated using a precision cutter, they are then hand wrapped on the Jones Soda flavor of your choice.
The order is complete. The finished bottles are packaged and shipped out of our fulfillment house. You receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.
Your order arrives and you marvel at the spectacular labels you created. You then give the bottles to your honey for Valentine’s Day, to your parents for Christmas, to your friends just because, use them at your wedding as table arrangements, give them out as souvenirs at a birthday party, display them on your mantel… the possibilities are endless.

For your next family gathering, birthday party or any get together why not surprise everyone with your custom myjones soda. They also would make a great and unique gift for anyone !

Making Jones Soda personal is perfect for:

Your very own customized 12-pack from Jones Soda !

113. Stephanie said...

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*This is solely the opinion of Life In A House Of Blue. Other people may have different experiences with this product. Thank you to Jones Soda for providing a product for this review.*

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  1. *Heather* said...

    I'd get...maybe, Green Apple! And I'd get a picture of my dad on it (he has a big b-day coming up soon)!

  2. *Heather* said...


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