My Tot Clock Review

From their site: "My Tot Clock is an all-in-one sleep aid, alarm clock, nightlight, and timer for children ages 2+. It teaches little ones when to sleep (blue light) and when it's okay to get out of bed (yellow light). It also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, fun wake music, and even white noise (like ocean sounds)! As an added bonus, My Tot Clock has a light blue light for nap time, a red light for timeout, and a green light for any positive timed activity. Perfect for those young enough to start learning a daily routine, but not old enough to be able to tell time. Also great for their sleepy parents ! Guaranteed better sleep or your money back !"

Sleep what is that ? Lately this mom has not been getting any sleep. My 2y/o was always a great sleeper, he would take a 3 hour nap during the day and sleep ALL night......well until he figured out how to get out of his baby bed and we took it down so he would not get hurt and got him a toddler bed. Lets just ay days of him sleeping good were OVER ! At night he will fall asleep on the sofa whenever his little body gives out and that can be as late as 11pm. Once he is asleep I move him to his bed and maybe every 2 hours he is up ! Most of the time he ends up in bed with us, he is such a rough sleeper he keeps mommy up all night.

I was excited to get to try try the My Tot Clock which is a is an all-in-one sleep aid, alarm clock, nightlight, and timer. It teaches little ones when to sleep and when it's okay to get out of bed. We have just been using the My Tot clock for a little while now and I have to say we are off to a good start, I look at it as baby steps. He enjoys the bedtime stories & lullabies at night if I sit by his bed until he goes to sleep. He is still waking up during the night and wanting to come to our bed and I am working on him understanding that when the clock is blue it means he needs to stay in his bed. Baby Steps but I see improvement.

I am looking forward to working with the other great feature the My Tot Clock has to off after when fully accomplish bedtime (so mommy can think straight) . My Tot Clock has a light blue light for nap time, a red light for timeout, and a green light for any positive timed activity.

The blue light means nighty-night! Not only will your child enjoy their new built-in nightlight, but they will absolutely love the extra bedtime stories and lullabies that play off little cartridges called Tot Clock Treasures.

The yellow light means good morning sunshine! When My Tot Clock turns yellow and plays an optional fun wake song, your child can get out of bed and start their happy day. They will be so proud...and fully rested!

The red light is for discipline when a little timeout is needed. Simply set the timeout duration and click the red button to activate. The timeout duration should be age-appropriate. The rule of thumb in Mommy Circles is one minute per year.

The green light means do something good! It's great for any positive timed activity like getting a child to sit on the potty for 2 minutes, brush their teeth for 2 minutes, share a toy for 5 minutes at a time, or be patient while mommy is on the phone. Simply set the encourage duration and click the green button to activate. My Tot Clock will automatically beep and turn to yellow when time is up!

BUY: Shop! Purchase your own My Tot Clock for $49.95 at The website also has a very informative and set of frequently asked questions and tips for using the clock.

*This review is based on my opinion and results may vary from person to person.*

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5 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. Tamara B. said...

    I love this idea and would be perfect gift.

  2. Seeryus Mama said...

    Too cool! I think my Pea would benefit from a Tot Clock. I love it!

  3. Leslie M. said...

    What a GREAT idea to teach time, but also for Positive reinforcement of naptimes etc.
    Gosh what a GREAT Gift idea!!
    Thanks for a GREAT Review.
    Gotta keep this one in mind!

  4. Cher said...

    Great review! I am actually giving one of these away on my blog until 5/25.

  5. Courtney said...

    I hope your 2 year old is still sleeping well! I've been wanting to try this product for a long time - I think it's a great idea and I love the red light for timeouts, too!

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