Your Baby Can Read

I know many of you have probably have seen the Your Baby Can Read DVD Set advertise on T.V. like I have. Every time I see it I say to myself " That can not work, can it ?" I was thrilled to get the chance to review the starter DVD. Bryce just turned 2, and he really enjoys watching the DVD. The DVD is not long and keeps his attention the whole time. It shows the words on the screen and a voice says the words a few times (each time in a different voice). Then they show the word or phrase in a video. The program says to watch the DVD for a month then move to the next DVD in the set. I am not going to say that Bryce can read after us trying it for 3 weeks but I noticed this past week when he was watching the DVD when the words ARMS UP came on the screen he put his arms up before they showed the video of the baby putting her arms up. I was shocked ! Now I am paying more attention when he is watching it to see if I think he is picking up anything else. I would like to get the rest of the Your Baby Can Read DVD Set so we can continue the program.

Info From Their Site:
Who can benefit ? " In the first years of a child’ life, tens of thousands of synaptic connections are made each second in the brain, opening the door for increased learning capacity. The most natural time to learn any aspect of language is during the infant and toddler years. There is a “natural window of opportunity” for learning language where it is easier for children to learn to understand and speak our language at a high level. During this window of opportunity, between the ages of 3 months and 5 years, they can also learn the written word naturally and easily. "
How it works : "A baby’s brain thrives on stimulation and develops at a phenomenal pace…nearly 90% during the first five years of life! The best and easiest time to learn a language is during the infant and toddler years, when the brain is creating thousands of synapses every second – allowing a child to learn both the written word and spoken word simultaneously, and with much more ease."

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  1. Reiza said...

    I've seen this program and I've wondered about it. I hope you do get the full set because I'm really curious to see if it works.

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