HonestBaby : Review & Giveaway

"Honestbaby was founded by a mom frustrated with the myth of perfect parenting. Honestbaby is a place where it’s okay to tell your real stories, the good and the bad, without being judged. Where parents can admit they’re just giving it their best shot."

HonestBaby is a site that reaches out through a community, blogs & videos.

Some of the blogs include:
A few of their videos:
  • How to burp your newborn
  • Beware of used carseats
  • Traveling with kids
They also sell Melissa and Doug toys and adorable Honest Baby shirts that have the best sayings, they really are honest & funny !

We were able to review the "I'm My Mom's Job" T-shirt. Every time my son has worn his shirt people have commented on how cute it is and they bet the saying is true (believe me it is ) and they always ask where I got it ! Their shirts are made of 100% cotton and are available in sizes newborn to 6 years either in short or long sleeve. A few of the other sayings I like are "I'm Not a Performing Monkey","Working Moms Rock" and "I'll Walk When I'm Good and Ready".

Win your own shirt !

To Enter:
(This is the only entry for this contest & Please leave an Email )
  • Share with us your most imperfect parenting moment.

Contest ends March 11, 2009

*HonestBaby will pick the winner and share your story on their site! *

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26 Comments --- Post Comment:


    there are alot and guarantee there will be more..maybe the time I told the teacher all the little expenses here and there for this and that were stupid and brought in the supplies for the whole class at half the price of what they were asking the kids to send in cash..not a good one there questioning things like that- but none of the kids had to donate extra money for a project...and yes I have done that more than once..such as when they say the kids have to send 20 dollars each for the computer paper supply- wtf? for 4 months of classes- for 20 bucks I went and got 5 boxes on sale at beg of year and brought them in--yes sometimes things are not thought out and not planned but really those extra expenses add up for the students too and many parents cannot afford them and refuse to just hand over cash without question.

  2. Super Blogger Girl! said...

    I am still a new parent but I have to say the dumbest thing I have done so far was put diapers on backwards, I couldn't figure out why he was peeing threw his clothes all the time. I am not even a teenage mom I should have known these things, im a college graduate for crying out loud!!!

  3. Brendan Keller said...

    Very, very sad... I was playing with my 3-month old on the bed and turned to grab a kleenex to wipe some boogies. By the time I turned back, he wiggled his way to the end of the bed and fell off! AUGH! He didn't make a peep and was actually giggling on the floor. Mommy was crying like crazy! I called my own Mom and she said it probably wouldn't be the last time my little boy fell off something. Ooooo - I don't know if I can handle all MY tears when he falls!

  4. mverno said...

    due to a conflict at work that my boss wouldn't let me out of i missed my sons first little league game.i told him i would be there and he was deeply dissapointed him

  5. EllyBean said...

    Mine would have to be when I was away at a friend's house and without any wipes! You try to imagine how nasty cleaning your kids bottom without those would be... Somehow the wipes fell out of the bag at home... I'm going to make sure it's always zippered now!

  6. noreen said...

    when my daughter was little I gave her a sippy cup with spoiled milk

  7. laroyal said...

    The dumbest thing I've done to date is totally freaking out about the first bump on my son's head and calling 911! I've now learned better now and if they cry and the bump swells out, then they're okay and just need comfort and/or distraction from the pain.

    thanks for a place to post about parenting mishaps without harsh judgement like my family likes to give:)

    Laura (laroyal06@gmail.com)

  8. judybrittle said...

    We just moved into a new home and I had a newborn and a 2 year old. I forgot to latch the door and when I went to change the babies diaper my 2 year old went out the door. I had to run out and find her where she went 2 doors down to pet the puppy. That's how I first met the neighbors. Was my face red. I never forgot to latch that door again.

  9. nape said...

    My very FIRST imperfect parenting moment was when they wheeled my newborn son into my hospital room. The nurse pointed to the diapers and wipes below the cart, then left me with him. I turned to my husband and asked, "Have you ever changed a diaper? I haven't."

  10. idahomom said...

    My two year old bit my shoulder and I tossed him onto the bed.

  11. vboackle said...

    probably not reading enough with them.

  12. Karen said...

    Just not having enough time to spend quality time with him.

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  13. Heather M said...

    I gave my 4 month old Prunes for the first time, then we decided to go grocery shopping! While we were there we HEARD her go... Yes heard her! So I went to go change her in the bathroom. I get there, Not only was her diaper soiled, but so was her clothes and it was all up her back... I went to change her and DIDN'T HAVE ANY DIAPERS!! BOO OMG! So I had to bundle her back up... Ran home to get some diapers and change her and them come back to pick up my Fiance!! I was so ashamed. I put 10 diapers in the diaper bag that day... and even now that she's 22 months old, I still have 2-3 diapers in my purse! I felt like such a horrible mother to leave her sit in that diaper for 20 minutes So I could get home!! Thanks

    hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

  14. cdrury said...

    strapped my little one to the changing table and she rolled over and pulled the table over on top of her - wow did I feel awful and was she ever lucky!!


  15. jennem said...

    We didn't strap our daughter into the stroller as we were walking down the sidewalk, because we were only going half a block. I hit a bump and launched her right into the gutter!
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  16. Candy said...

    The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital we were unloading the car and i said That's everything!". My husband looks at me puzzled. I asked what was wrong and he replied " Honey, you forgot your newborn, do you think she might want to come inside too?"

    LOL. Yeah I was tired!

  17. Anonymous said...

    Ahhh my most imperfect parenting moment... We were in the WalMart parking lot, having just bought tons of stuff for the new puppy that we also just bought. I had my baby in the baby seat cliped into the wagon and my toddler in the basket part of the wagon. I turned my back to put the bags in the trunk and heard a crash. As I turned I was slammed in the knees by something hard and hit the trunk. I looked up to see my toddler sitting on the pavement unhurt but couldn't find my baby and I was screaming for her. I started to step forward only to trip over her carrier... with her in it, she was looking at me like I was a moron! My son had tried to climb out, and had tipped the wagon over, as it was tipping he pushed his sisters seat off the wagon so it wouldn't fall on her (he told me this after)and he jumped. I was only facing away for 30sec or less, but man little kids move fast. I had bruises all over my legs from being slammed by projectile infant carrier and infant!

  18. Anonymous said...

    oops my email addy is themomdaily@gmail.com

  19. - Marybeth I. said...

    gosh where do I start. I guess with my first. This was over 13 years ago. My daughter was a baby and I had her in the swing. Her head had tilted forward and I did not notice. When I finally did notice she was turning blue. I panicked and shook her. I knew you were never supposed to shake a baby but I panicked. It was terrifying. When she started crying I was so relieved.

  20. mgster said...

    My most imperfect parenting is probably that I truly believe in bribes! I never thought I would but I do. I'll never forget the day my son was misbehaving while I was on the phone speaking with my boss...I opened a cabinet where we keep junk food (just for my husband and I) and I let him just climb in and take whatever he wanted. Anything to keep him from screaming while I was on the phone! There he was sitting on the floor...a little two year old...eating chips by the handfuls! I wish I had a video of it! :)

  21. Lori said...

    I just put something about this in a post today... My daughter is in the "why" phase. We want to foster her curiosity, but after fifteen minutes of explaining things, we usually change the subject to giraffes, kung fu panda, or turn on the song "Grim Grinning Ghosts" (her favorite).


  22. Tylerpants said...

    I have hardwood floors and stairs and decided to wear socks since it was cold. I was carrying my baby and slipped and fell all the way down. Thank goodness I never let go of the baby! I was crying like a lunatic but baby was oblivious..he had no clue what had just happened.

  23. Gianna said...

    Putting shoes on my daughter's wrong feet while half asleep..

  24. Donna said...

    My daughter wore 2 mismatched socks.

  25. lorf927 said...

    I was in a hurry to pick my hubby up at the airport and I needed to get gas. I jumped out of the car to start pumping the gas and I guess I hit the lock button. My keys were in the ignition and my 3 month old was locked in my SUV in the Houston heat. I was so panicked but luckily a police officer pulled into the gas station then and he called a locksmith for me. I was sooo worried and then very embarrassed once I knew my son was fine. I have learned never to leave my keys in the ignition while getting gas.

  26. masonsgranny59 said...

    putting my daughter's dress on backwards 4 church

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