What am I to do ? *Video

What am I to do ? Bryce is 23months and is sleeping in a toddler bed at night (or with me), but during the day he would only take his one nap in his pack- in -play in my room. Everyday I put him in it walk away and he would take at least a 2 hour nap until today when this happened ...

I filmed him after the 3rd time.

I have tried his toddler bed, laying with him in my bed and on the sofa. Do you have any other ideas I can try so we both can have nap time back.
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  1. Anonymous said...

    Hey, no fair. I can't get that video to play for me! I wanna see what happens!!!!!!!

  2. Catherine said...

    First , never forget that it WILL PASS.
    My Gabriel woke me up each night (except when he was sleeping in our bed) during .... 3 years ?!!
    And one day! I can't explain how, when exactly, or why, he began to sleep the whole night.
    How can we find solution to problems we can't explain?

  3. Melanie said...

    I'm gonna have to read responses here because my kid is still in her crib. she freaked when we transitioned her crib to toddler bed. sorry mama!

  4. Erin Tales said...

    23 months... are there 2 or 1 naps? You might just need to move the time...

  5. Felicia said...

    Oh no! You need nap time back!!

    So i can't find the tag????

  6. Samantha said...

    Well as you know, I am no help at all. LOL
    Davis never naps, still sleeps with us but will occasionally sleep in his toddler bed for a short 30 minute nap. But in order for me to get him in the toddler bed or our bed I have to put him to sleep first and then lay him down.

    But you have to admit...it is a cute video!!

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