Wordless Wednesday

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18 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. Shelley said...

    Funny! A little proofreading goes a long way!

  2. Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

    Wow, that's terrible. HA.

  3. Momstart said...

    Funny! Happy WW

  4. michelle said...

    well atleast it's a good laugh :)

  5. Minxy Mimi said...


  6. Elizabeth Bonds said...

    Funny. The message gets across nonetheless. LOL.

    Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  7. Mojo said...

    Uh... yeah. Do you suppose they ran out of room? Nothing like planning ahea

  8. Stefanie said...

    Must be a tiny store! Ha ha! Thanks for the comment love!

  9. Tena said...

    ha ha ha!
    This is funny!

    Happy WW

  10. Felicia said...

    LOL!!!! I am cracking up!

  11. Felicia said...

    sorry.. i had another thought.... I wonder if they realized it and just were out of funds for a new one! Oh my goodness! Thanks.. i needed the laugh!

  12. Staci said...

    Omg, I sat there for 2 minutes just trying to "get it." I guess lack of sleep will do that to you. Now that I've caught on, you have to wonder how mistakes like that get past the person who wrote it and the printer, then again, maybe they're a little like me.

  13. Andrea said...

    huh? lol

  14. Haasiegirl said...

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could be worse...i think.


  15. Bloggymommy said...

    That's so funny! But if YOU were the one making that sign for a company wouldn't you call them up and say, 'Hey dork...your sign doesn't make sense!'? I know I sure would. It makes the banner company look bad! lol ;)

  16. Rachel said...

    HA HA -- that's hilarious!

    Following In My Shoes

  17. Jolly Mom said...

    That is too funny!
    I gave you the Uber Amazing Blog Award-come to my blog and get it!
    Jolly Mom

  18. warmlight said...

    Wow. And they hung that sign. Four words. They couldn't proofread four words.


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