My Favorite Dip Recipe

My family loves this dip ! (even though no one likes spinach LOL)

You will need :

1 - 2lb block Mexican Velveeta

2- 10oz cans Rotel Original

1 lb chopped frozen spinach

1 large bowl that can go in microwave

1 pot to boil spinach

*Cut Velveeta into small pieces and place in bowl .

*Add 2 cans of Rotel to bowl.

*Place in microwave for 3 minutes then stir and repeat until completely melted ( about 4 times)

*Place frozen spinach in pot of water on stove and boil for about 4 minutes.

*Drain spinach in strainer and press with paper towels until all water is gone.

*Add spinach to bowl.

*Stir together and serve warm ! Enjoy !

*This is also great over pasta ! I have also used 1lb ground beef instead of spinach. If I am having a party or people over I will put it into a crock pot to keep it warm.

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10 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. Catherine said...

    Well, except the spinach and microwave, we don't get the other ingredients.
    What's Velveeta ? And Rotel (Tomatos ?)
    Then you eat it on bread?

  2. Susan G. said...

    Velveeta is a soft processed cheese and Rotel is Tomatoes and Green Chilies. You can eat it with chips, bread and it is also good on pasta !

  3. CENA - My.M.Spot said...

    OMG, that looks so yummy! i'll have to make that next weekend......

  4. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

    I don't like spinach either, but this actually looks yum! I may just have to try it with just a small amount of the spinach. Maybe I'll try a little more each time we make it! LOL

  5. Samantha said...

    I make this alot. Ryan prefers it with the spinach left out. Another great addition to it is 8 slices bacon chopped or bacon bits..

  6. Felicia said...

    This looks wonderful! I'm going to have to try it!

  7. Bloggymommy said...

    Oh that looks G O O D !!! Thanks, I'll have to try that!

  8. ktales said...

    That sounds delicious!

  9. angela said...

    You can never go wrong with cheese and Rotel!! :)

  10. Ardy22 said...

    This looks interesting and especially with the spinach part. I bet the kids love it unless you tell them what is in it! LOL!

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