MomDot Party Day #2

Today's theme for the MomDot Blog Party is Holiday Traditions. The sponsors of the day are Natity's Design and La Plates.

Tell us about your Holiday traditions! What traditions do you hope to begin?

A tradition my mom started when I was little was that every year I got a special Christmas tree ornament . When I moved out at 18 and got married she gave them to me so for my 1st Christmas at MY own home I had 18 special ornaments for my 1st tree. This is something I have done for my boys, I do not know how much they will like it since they are BOYS but maybe their wives will ( I hope) LOL.

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18 Comments --- Post Comment:

  1. Erin Tales said...

    I think that is a wonderful tradition - even for boys!

  2. Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

    My FIL started that with my boys, he gets them a special orament each year. My hubby and his dad aren't speaking for the first time ever because my SIL sucks, so I'm nervous about this Christmas and the drama that's sure to ensue! Here's My Day 2! I have Mr. Linky up, so leave your link!

  3. CallansMama said...

    That's cool, especially that she passed them all on to you.

  4. 3 Kids and Us said...

    That is awesome to have so many special ornaments.

  5. Proud Mommy said...

    I think it is a great tradition!!

  6. CompleteLee Blogger said...

    That's a great tradition! My mil has done this each year for my kids. And with all my kids, that is no small task!

  7. Staci said...

    My mom did this for me, and mil for the hubby. We have a huge assortment of decorations that we both cherish.

  8. Sarah said...

    My sister gets one for each of us every year. In the next two years we should be able to do our tree in all tradition ornaments. Unless of course Beloved decides that 10 feet tall isn't tall enough!

  9. Catherine said...

    Wonderful idea!
    Will you show us your christmas tree?

  10. Trish said...

    We do the Christmas tree ornaments too!

  11. Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

    My husband's grandma made oranments for him each year. He got them when we got married since his mom didn't trust a bachelor to take good care of them. Now he's glad he has them. Your boys will appreciate it once they grow up.

  12. Natalie said...

    My mom did the same thing for me. Some years I even got 2 ornaments. She still does that to this day. However she has kept all of the ornaments for her tree. Share already mom!

  13. Tena said...

    this is one of my favorite tradition that I do with my boys!!

  14. MMJ said...

    What a great tradition!!

  15. Tracye said...

    That's sweet! I do the same for my kids. I also put a photo ornament from Pottery Barn on the tree each year... The tree is really starting to fill up with photos!

  16. Momstart said...

    We did that in my family too. Love ornaments

  17. Andrea said...

    My mom did that for me too. I have been giving my son one each year as well. The sweetest was that at my baby shower my mom gave me an ornament for my son, his first ornament ever.

  18. Rita @ My Precious Pennies said...

    That's what my mother-in-law did. Last Christmas was our first Christmas as a married couple and she mailed them all to was so special for us to have them on our tree!

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