Why do they grow up ?

Why do our kids have to grow up ? My oldest Tyler turned 13 in August and now he thinks he is grown. We live in a place that is not in a neighborhood and he goes to a small private school. So Yes it is nice when kids call him to go somewhere or to have a sleep over. Why does Tyler not understand that I do not like to send my kids with people I do not know. I always try to meet the parents before letting the kids go but now we get calls can you come over to my party/ sleepover TONIGHT. What am I to do when my husband says "you need to slowly start cutting your strings he is growing up ". What would you start letting them do at this age that they could not do before ?

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  1. Samantha said...

    I may have a 13 year old, but she isn't allowed to go to sleep overs. Mainly because of her grades. But we live in an area like you and unless her grandmother (Ryan's mother) taught them, chances are she doesn't even go for the day. We have ALOT of people who move here yearly and I worry too with not knowing the families.

    Tell David it isn't about cutting the stings, it's about being able to trust people that you don't know. There are some wack jobs out there, and I know my kids have been friends with some kids who have had crazy people for parents.

    Now Ryan is different than David though. Ryan is the one that doesn't trust Angelica as far as we can throw her. Guess that is part of having a girl and the way the daddy acts.

  2. Melanie said...

    oooh that's a tough question. He is probably at one of the most impressionable ages. Middle school time sucks quite frankly! I would totally be checking out the families of the kids I was shipping my child off to. You don't know what those parents allow or don't allow. I think you should do what makes you comfortable, mama. You know in your gut what is safe for him and what's not. He has plenty of time to "grow up"

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