Nap Time Help Needed !!

Bryce will soon be 22 months and I would love to take his baby bed out of his room. He has a toddler bed that he will sleep in as long as he is sleeping before I put him in it. Most nights he will lay on the sofa and watch TV with me until he falls asleep. For nap time during the day all I have to do is put him in his baby bed walk out and he will take a 3 hour nap. How do I get him to take a nap during the day ? Everything I try will not work and we go a day with NO nap if I do not put him in his baby bed. I would love to take his baby bed out of his room since he shares a room with one of his brothers and with 3 beds in there they have no room to play. With my two older boys I worked and they went to daycare so they would sleep anywhere. Any advice ?

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  1. 4 Lettre Words said...

    Would it work if you put bed rails on the big boy bed? Maybe he likes that security???

    Also, when we moved my oldest into his bed, we gave his crib to a new baby. He was only 18 months old, but I remember him being excited about how a little baby needed it to sleep. We didn't have a lot of trouble, but the crib was totally gone so he had no choice, plus "out of sight...out of mind."

    Good luck with whatever you do!!

  2. Catherine said...

    Advices, advices, advices....
    My experience teachs me to never give advice as ,
    first, each child get his own personality,
    second, I've made errors, myself. Gabriel was sharing his bedroom with his big brother. So, until 2 even 3 years old when he wake up in the night, I was compeled to come and calm him, even to take him with us! I passed many, many, M-A-N-Y nights awake.
    One day, Gabriel decided to sleep in his evolutive IKEA bed (with bed-rails as proposed 4 lettre words), with a Moon light (IKEA as well) and I'm still wondering now why he has changed his behaviour. It was THE good time.

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