I'll scare you or make you laugh !

I came across this on Mandy's blog Mommy Cracked , A website called Yearbook Yourself that lets you upload a picture of yourself and it transforms that picture to what you would look like from 1950-2000 in a yearbook. Here I am through the years : ( The last one is my real Sr. photo in 1993) :***Let me know if you try it, I would love to see your photos !

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  1. 4 Lettre Words said...

    These are so funny, but your real thing is beautiful!!

    I found you through a blog of a blog of a blog...

    (I've got two wonderful boys and a hubby, myself!)

  2. Lisa said...

    That's hilarious! I'll have to check that out!

  3. Bloggymommy said...

    I will definately do that one! That is so funny!

    You left me a message on my blog and I am kinda confused. lol Here is what you said, "Hope to see you around BTW I am folling you!" What does that "folling you" mean? lol

    I know though, right? That song came out in like '98 or '99! Too funny! :)

  4. Mandy /Mommy Cracked said...

    LMAO!!! I love it!! See, wasn't that fun? It's stuff like that that teaches me to laugh at myself and not be so serious. I'm glad you posted these...they are great!

  5. Susan G. said...

    bloggymommy should of been following , Sorry for the Typo ( 21mth old on my lap LOL)

  6. Catherine said...

    So funny, I'll try if I find a picture of me.(I'm always the photographer in our family, we get thousands of pictures of each members except me.) We don't take that kind of souvenir-picture in Highschool here.
    All kind of hairstyle before the 70's, make people look older, no?

  7. Bloggymommy said...

    LOL! After I sent that comment I realized what you meant! Sorry for that! lol Thanks! I'm a follower or "groupie" of yours now too! :)

  8. Melanie said...


  9. Tina said...

    looking hot in the last one there ;)

    All of the styles suit you actually lol

    I did this a couple of months ago it was so much fun!

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