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My Nutrisystem Journey

Are Our Kids Targeted by Spammers?

Are Our Kids Targeted by Spammers?

Are Our Kids Targeted by Spammers?

There is a big push right now by the spammers to target kids with attractive email messages, containing well known cartoon characters, colorful lettering, etc Why kids? Because they are an easy target, like "taking candy from a baby". Our children are very adept in finding their way on the computer and sooner than later they will click on the wrong email message.



Risking the Loss of Our Personal Information

And, just like that with a one click, we can not only loose our precious pictures, family videos and our personal information, there is even bigger price to pay. Many people suffer for years to come, from thieves using their personal identities. Your credit is at stake, monetary loss is at stake, and to fix and correct all of this can be a mind boggling task, requiring hiring professionals and a lot of wasted time and energy.

What Are the Objectives of Spammers Sending Email Viruses?

The are many objectives spammers may have to attach email viruses, and they would include:
  • Forcing others to react in a certain way
  • Peddling a product
  • Building a list of customers
The more serious objectives would be clearly to harm you:
  • To spread a computer virus (to damage or to steal your data)
  • To inflict fear and pain
  • To hold power over large segments of people, events and things

The Hackers and Spammers Different From Terrorists

If anybody's argument going to be that the "BIG" difference is, the terrorists are not in it for the money? If that is your reasoning, then the logical next question would be, what gives you the most power in this world? The answer is Money!
Can you buy nuclear technology without money? or Can you purchase arms, explosives, knowledge and the list goes on..., without money? Of course, not.

The ends will always justify the means to these people, whether it is a cyber terror or an explosion in the subway.
I would like to know, your opinion on this subject, whether the cyber spammers, responsible for malicious emails, and hackers should be classified as terrorists? Should we have our Justice Systems changed, regarding the classification of cyber terrorists in the eyes of the "Law", across the world to address this rapidly growing problem? We would perhaps breath a little easier?

Is There A Solution For Us Right Now?

The answer is yes. After looking at various software and tools trying to address this problem, the best option is to keep your emails away from your computer, without being tied down to any specific service. You should be able to use your current email system, whatever it is and be able to get rid off and suspicious looking emails before they even get to your computer.

Some email messages you don't even have to click on for the virus to execute automatically. When you think about it, the danger is more REAL than most people realize and it would be crazy not to have a strong email security tool to protect your computer or a network, but many of us don't even think about it. You are welcome to see what are the best solutions available right now at my site.

Should we label internet spammers and hackers as terrorists, remains the question to answer, as the Criminal Justice system across the world would have to be changed, and maybe we would breath a little easier.
Andrew Thomas is a dedicated fighter against any digital pests, spam distribution and email viruses. The mission is to halt dishonest promotion efforts and spammers and to get rid of any digital garbage from our digital space. His personal story and recommendations are at www.webbaster.com

Nustrisystem: Week 13  #NSNation

Nustrisystem: Week 13 #NSNation

I have to say after 12 weeks on Nutrisystem it has become more of a lifestyle and not a "diet".  I can now go out to eat and feel comfortable about ordering and not feel like I am cheating. The biggest thing for me to remember when eating out is portion control and getting a to go box when my food first comes and removing the extra portion before I even start eating.

My new favorite snack is the  Strawberry Shortcake Bar, YUMMY !!!
This is how it is described on the website:
"Nothing says summer like strawberries, and nothing brings out the flavor of strawberries more than strawberry shortcake. Now you can enjoy this flavorful fruit treat any time of the year! As soon as you unwrap this decadent dessert, you can smell the strawberries. A dense vanilla bar is topped with rich strawberry puree, then wrapped in a sweet, creamy yogurt frosting. You'll taste summer in every bite."

One thing that I have been having trouble with (but also happy about) is that my cloths DO NOT FIT !! I am down about 2 sizes in jeans...Yeah! But I am not ready to but new clothes yet. I have about 4 more weeks on the Nutrisystem program and hope to drop some more weight. But when I have nothing to wear I had to come up with a solution.....and I DID !!!!   I know many of you have seen the "as seen on tv " product that allows you to make your pants a little bigger, well I bought them and used them for the opposite purpose than they are advertised for.... to make them smaller :) So glad this is working for me, I'm hoping to hold off  a little while longer before I go buy new clothes.

Here is the part all of you have been waiting for !!!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...........................
Week 13 weight loss: - 1.6 pounds

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: -27.2 pounds 

I know that I could have not lost over 27lbs on my own. I'm very satisfied with the Nutrisytem Program so far.
I am ready to see what week 14 will bring, don't forget to visit for my next weigh in :)

 Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem too? Visit Nutrisystem today or call 888-853-4689.


10,000 Glasses Giveaway - CoastalContacts.com

10,000 Glasses Giveaway - CoastalContacts.com

Today, Wednesday, May 25th starting at 9am EDT, Coastal Contacts is giving away 10,000 free pairs of glasses to Facebook fans of the brand. The giveaway is applicable to first-time participants in the US.

Here’s how it works:
1.       Visit their Facebook Page and click on the ‘Free Glasses!!’ tab on the left side of our page.
2.       Click the “like” button to reveal the coupon code or if you’ve already “liked” them the code will be displayed when you click on the tab.
3.       Visit their website www.CoastalContacts.com and select a pair of glasses (they suggest picking out 3-5 pairs ahead of time).
4.       Starting on Wednesday, May 25th at 9am EDT, place your order and enter the coupon code at checkout to get your free pair of glasses.

*Shipping and handling costs will be applied to your order. Typically, this will be about $10-15.*



Save With 8 Free Shipping Offers For Memorial Day Purchases

Save With 8 Free Shipping Offers For Memorial Day Purchases

Memorial Day marks the date when consumers begin their serious shopping for the upcoming summer season. Vacations are just around the corner, outdoor sports kick in, and kids are ready for warm-weather play. So now's the time to stock up on everything you'll need for the new season. To receive free shipping and special offers with your online purchases, check out these eight coupon codes from FreeShipping.org.
1. eBags
Just like the name says, eBags is all about bags. From purses to luggage to duffels, this merchant has it in the bag. Best of all, eBags offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more.
2. Express
Youthful, fashionable and reasonably priced, Express is the go-to store for young adult females. Get $15 off every $60 you spend online with code 1411.
3. J. Jill
The J. Jill Summer 2011 Collection awaits females of all ages at this moderately priced retailer. Save on these new styles with free shipping on orders of $100. Beginning May 25, you also can receive 25% off sale and outlet items with code SUNFUN.
4. Kohl's
Your go-to merchant for everything from clothing to home decor, Kohl's offers 10% off when you shop online with code NEW4217. Since Kohl's allow you to use two coupons in a single order, find a free shipping code for even more savings.
5. Life is Good
Life is Good offers something for everyone, including fashions for women, men, kids and even your pet dog. Save when you shop online by receiving free shipping on all orders.
6. Lands' End
Launch a new look with savings on Lands' End fashions for everyone. Shop online now and receive free shipping plus $20 off orders of $75 or more.
7. Sears
Sears is America's one-stop shop for everything from clothing and accessories to appliances and car batteries. Beginning May 26, find what you need online and receive free shipping on orders of $99 or more with code MEMORIALDAY.
8. Shoes.com
Order great shoes, try them on at home and either keep them or return-mail them to Shoes.com with free shipping. In addition, you can take 20% off your order with code SECRET20.


Pampers  Little Miracle Mission $50 GC #Giveaway(CLOSED)

Pampers Little Miracle Mission $50 GC #Giveaway(CLOSED)

In celebration of its 50th birthday, Pampers is recognizing how much parenting has changed over the years, and is sharing their belief that every baby is a little miracle that deserves to be celebrated, supported and protected, by unveiling its Little Miracle Mission campaign – a program that delivers acts of kindness to miracles and their families while encouraging parents to support others.

  Pampers recently kicked off the Little Miracle Missions campaign by delivering a giant act of support –donating care packages to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) across the country.  Celebs Joey Lawrence , Ali Larter, Mark Consuelos and LaLa Anthony were on-hand in New York City to personally deliver a care package and thank you basket to Mt. Sinai Hospital and their staff.

My readers can easily participate in the Miracles Missions programs, and support little miracles across the country, by logging on to Pampers Facebook page (Facebook.com/Pampers). Pampers is also asking everyone to pay-it-forward by participating in the first Little Miracle Mission- to congratulate and offer support to an expectant mother with a gift or surprise gesture.  Once more than 2,500 people pledge that they have achieved this mission, Pampers will respond by giving baby showers to expectant mothers nationwide just in time for Mother’s Day. Pampers will issue different missions throughout the entire year to celebrate all aspects of parenthood, and with the help of parents, family and friends, they hope to touch the lives of every baby born in the next year.

My family was thrilled to receive a $50 Visa gift card to participate in the Little Miracle Mission campaign. Once we received it, I sat my boys down and explained to them that the campaign was all about giving and kindness. I asked then to come up with a few ideas on how we could help someone......and they came up with a great one !!! I take my middle son a few times of the year to Childrens Hospital for Dr. appointments, his next one is actually on Halloween Day. We decided to take the gift card and buy as many little treats (colors, books etc...) and pass them out at the hospital on his visit as a special Halloween treat for the kids that will be in the hospital instead of trick or treating.

   $50 American Express Gift Card

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Anxiety Therapy That Won’t Induce Anxiety in Your Wallet

Anxiety Therapy That Won’t Induce Anxiety in Your Wallet

Anxiety is something that everyone gets, but health insurance isn’t.  If you’re not willing to drop a couple hundred dollars on a psychiatrist visit and even more money each month on a prescription for the rest of your life, I suggest you consider these inexpensive solutions to alleviating your anxiety. 

Get off of Facebook
The first thing that you should try doing is to spend less time on Facebook or any social networking sites for that matter (assuming you regularly go on them, of course).  A recent study was done by Monash University where participants’ social anxiety levels were assessed for various amounts of time spent on social networking sites.  The results suggested that although social networking sites initially seemed to lead to a reduction in anxiety (because they had a broader network of social support as well as online resources for support), the amount of anxiety that they experienced in actual “face-to-face” social situations increased.  In other words, spending more time on Facebook increased their “online” friends, but ironically boosted their social anxiety in real life situations.     

Hypnosis is more of a viable option than you would think, since you don’t need to hire a sketchy expensive hypnotist to put you to sleep in their office while they “do work” on you.  A simple technique that you could do on your own involves creating a trigger for a “special place” that you go to where your anxiety is nonexistent.  All you need to do is describe yourself descending through a relaxing place such as a beach or garden (preferably recorded) down stairs until you reach a “special place.”  This place can be anything, as long as it offers complete relaxation.  Do something to signify that you are in that place, such as pinching your arm or blinking one eye.  If successful, it will be like Pavlov’s experiment, and every time you encounter a stressful situation, using your signifier to return to your happy place should calm you down.  You should note that if you’re already a person that exhibits symptoms of OCD, this may not be the best solution for you.  

By exercising, I don’t mean to go hit up Google on ways to lose stomach fat, but to focus on exercises that are actually designed to reduce anxiety.  Exercises such as PMR, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation, have been proven to reduce anxiety for those who practice it.  PMR was invented in the 1920s by a physician that realized that since muscle tension and anxiety are directly correlated, a reduction in one should cause a reduction in the other.  Simply tense each set of muscles for 20 seconds and then release for 10 seconds, starting with the legs and moving up the entire body.  PMR has not only proven to relieve anxiety, but insomnia and even ulcers as well.

*This post was provide to Life In A House of Blue.